Herbaceum Cotton: An ideal option for coastal and inland saline soils of Fujarat

G Cot 23 in Kalak village (Jambusar taluka)In the coastal district of Gujarat state salinity of the agricultural lands is constantly on the increasing trend.. About 6.73 Mha of land is salt affected in India of which 2.22 Mha is present in Gujarat State only. Economically viable agro-management practices while helping in the management of salt affected black soils and saline ground water in this region would also result in higher agricultural production leading to better economic status of the farmers.

Desi cotton is known for its short staple characteristics, deep root system, resistance to diseases and pests and drought.  The ICAR-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI), Regional Research Station, Bharuch (Gujarat) has identified Desi cotton line (G Cot 23) salt tolerant and high yielding after testing over two years. Through field experimentation, the technology of cultivating Herbaceum cotton, G Cot 23 has been evolved and taken on the farmers' field by the team of scientists. The technology was further tested on farmers' fields and impact of the technology was assessed.

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