Lift irrigation system ensures Lac Integrated Farming System in Rainfed Area

Lift irrigation system ensures Lac Integrated Farming System in Rainfed Area Mangobandh, a tribal village in Ranchi district (Jharkhand) is a   rainfed area where most of the farmers practice mono-cropping of local paddy cultivars, covering only about 40% cultivable area. In winter season, vegetables mainly potato, tomato, onion and chilly were grown in about 5% of land area and a few crops were grown sporadically during summer season. Ber plantation was raised in the village during lac promotion activities undertaken by the ICAR-Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums, Ranchi earlier. Subsequently, frequent visits to the village were made by the scientists of the Institute during 2011-2013. Water availability to the crops in different growing seasons, emerged out as the biggest constraint in diversifying agriculture.

A seasonal river namely ‘Jiligsereng’ flows through the village reaching the width of about 75-80 feet during rainy season. Water remains in the river till February-March with decreasing flow; hence, it was thought to harvest the flowing water in the peak flow period so that it could be used during lean period for enabling the farmers to take up diversified agricultural activities. Lift irrigation system was found to be the most feasible solution, hence two intake wells (depth- 10 feet and diameter- 8 feet) and two pump houses were constructed with support from Directorate of Soil Conservation, Ranchi, Govt. of Jharkhand. Underground PVC pipe of 110 mm diameter were laid in 5000 rft (running feet) for the command area of about 30 hectares. Two pumps of 8 H.P. capacity each were installed.

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