Jalkund stimulated agri-preneurship in Sikkim through winter vegetable production

Jalkund stimulated agri-preneurship in Sikkim through winter vegetable production Nandok village in East district of Sikkim is suitable for the cultivation of horticultural crops due to its unique geographical location. This village receives normal annual rainfall of 3057.3 mm in kharif and 269.1 mm during rabi season. Its vicinity to the state capital Gangtok provides opportunities to quickly market produce with good returns. During the last decade, the village has become vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change such as drought, erratic rainfall pattern, wind and hail storms. Farms are facing soil erosion and nutrients' leaching losses during kharif and acute shortage of irrigation water especially for the rabi vegetable crops. Winter precipitation during the last decade has significantly diminished leaving the farmers with reduced opportunities of rabi vegetable cultivation. However, the farmers revealed immense willingness to grow rabi vegetables if provided water, which in return would present better opportunity for income generation and livelihood improvement.

Interventions of KVK East Sikkim, Ranipool

After assessment of water related problems in the village, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Sikkim Centre, East Sikkim, Ranipool intervened with the different activities under NICRA to increase the water use efficiency. Awareness on climate change, its impact on agriculture, strategies for increasing climate resilience and dissemination of advanced technologies among farmers was undertaken through meetings, capacity building, exposure visits and workshops. During the bench mark survey, PRA and focused group discussions, rainwater harvesting and storage in farm ponds for efficient utilization of rainwater was identified as a suitable intervention. Climate resilient technologies to enhance productivity and income and sustain livelihoods of the farmers in the village were also prioritized.

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