Bhima Shubhra- A Ray of Hope for Vidarbha Farmers

Bhima Shubhra- A Ray of Hope for Vidarbha FarmersPatur is a small village in Akola district of Maharashtra. This village comes under the rainfed Vidarbha region. Shri Namdeorao Adhau, a farmer from Patur village used to cultivate traditional varieties of onion in his 1.25 acre land, but the production was far below the expectations.

Research of DOGR Changed the Scenario

White Onion is preferred over red onion in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research (DOGR) developed a high yielding white onion variety ‘Bhima Shubhra’. This variety was recommended in the workshop of All India Network Research Project on Onion and Garlic at Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Kalyani during 18-19th April 2013 for cultivation in kharif and late kharif seasons. This variety matures in about 110-115 days after transplanting during kharif and 120-130 days after transplanting in late kharif.

Shri Namdeorao Adhau purchased 5 kg seed of ‘Bhima Shubhra’ from DOGR and sowed onion crop on 1.25 acre area on raised bed as per recommended technology of DOGR. He obtained a record marketable yield of 21 tons/acre of good quality bulbs with uniform size and without doubles and bolters.

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