NIANP Bangalore organizes field workshops to address livestock management during adverse weather conditions

22nd July 2014, Bangalore

For providing necessary technical and advisory support of the State Dept. officials and the farming community due to the present monsoon deficit situation, multi-disciplinary team of experts from NIANP, NIVEDI, IVRI and KVK visited Hiriyur, Chitradurg and Taralabalu in Davanagere on 22 - 23 July 2014. The interactive workshop was attended by dairy farmers, sheep and goat farmers and KMF staff. Detailed discussions covering various aspects like balanced feeding in livestock, fodder production and conservation, better utilization of dry roughages, health care, reproductive care and management of livestock, contingency plans for feed and fodder scarcity etc., with special emphasis on contingency measures to cope with the deficit rainfall in the two districts were held. Mineral mixture packets for dairy animals & small ruminants, seeds of fodder  tress, ready reckoners for balanced feeding were distributed to the livestock farmers. The CDs of "feed assist" software were given to the officials of KMF for wider popularization of balanced least cost feeding among dairy farmers.

General recommendations

1. Utilization of locally available feed resources (areca sheath and tree fodders like Sesbania & Melia) for  feeding during lean period.
2.  Adoption of better management practices .
3. Vaccination schedule to be followed by the farmers to avoid outbreak of diseases.
4.  To overcome acute shortage of green fodder, the farmers can take up low-cost hydroponic  green fodder production with maize,  Azolla cultivation and maize silage using in plastic drums and bags.

Action points for implementation

1. As monsoon showers have started in parts of Chitradurga and Davanagere, the livestock farmers were advised to take up the sowing of multi-cut jowar (Variety: COFS-29), Maize (Variety: African tall) and fodder trees (Sesbania and Melia) at the earliest.
2. The farmers were advised to ensure maximum coverage of livestock under Government sponsored vaccination program (FMD).
3. Supplementing with Area Specific Mineral Mixture (through KMF, Nandi Agrovet etc.) to both dairy animals and small ruminants.
4. Ration balancing  with locally available feed ingredients at least cost with the help of "Feed Assist" as well as easy to use "Ready reckoner" developed by NIANP.

(Source: NIANP, Bangalore)