Training Conducted for Mithun Farmers

24th August 2012, Papumpare (Arunachal Pradesh)

A team of scientists from NRC on Mithun (ICAR), Nagaland visited different villages of Papumpare district of Arunachal Pradesh to conduct training for mithun farmers and give them exposure about various technologies developed by the Institute for improving the productivity of Mithun. They have also organized Health cum Vaccination Programme in Mani, Chipula and Midpu villages was also organized in collaboration with KVK Papumpare and Department of Veterinary and A.H, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh. Theses programmes were conducted from 24th to 26th August, 2012.

Training Conducted for Mithun Farmers Training Conducted for Mithun Farmers Training Conducted for Mithun Farmers

The team could also collect valuable information from the Mithun rearers in respect of their traditional mithun husbandry practices as well as different problems encountered by them. Altogether 80 animals were vaccinated against FMD and screened for parasitic infestation and appropriate measures were suggested to the farmers. A rare high incidence of eye worms (Thelazia) with corneal opacity was detected in 30 out of 80 animals brought for the camp.

There was a spontaneous response from the farming community, who have brought a large number of animals from the forest for the programme.

(Source: NRC Mithun, Nagaland)