CMFRI develops new product CadalminTM Green Mussel Extract (GMe) to combat arthritis

CadalminTM GMe contains 100% natural marine bioactive anti-inflammatory ingredients extracted from green mussel Perna viridis. The product is effective to combat chronic joint pain, arthritis/ inflammatory diseases, and improves cardiovascular functioning. It is an effective green alternative to synthetic non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (viz., aspirin containing drugs having undesirable side effects).

The active principle in CadalminTM GMe effectively inhibits inflammatory cyclooxygenase-II and lipoxygenase-V, and its activity was found to be comparable to the drugs available in the market. Consuming CadalminTM GMe will avoid unfortunate side effect of these synthetic non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This product is a blend of nutraceutical and nutritional elements. CadalminTM GMe is designed to find a unique way to prevent the degradation by air, moisture, heat and light and to maximize the activity. The product is free from deleterious trans fatty acids, free radicals/free radical adducts, and low molecular weight carbonyl compounds. This product is available as capsules and packaged in food grade polypropylene bottles. CadalminTM GMe is an indigenous product, and is highly cost effective with that of the imported products available in the market. Efforts are underway to commercialize this product.

(Source : CMFRI, Cochin)