NAHEP – World Bank Project Formulated

22nd June 2017, New Delhi

NAHEP – World Bank Project Formulated Shri ChhabilendraRoul, Additional Secretary (DARE) & Secretary (ICAR), Dr. Narendra Singh Rathore, Deputy Director General (Agricultural Education) and representatives from Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Govt. of India negotiated the National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) with the World Bank here today.

NAHEPhas been formulated by ICAR with a total cost of US$ 165 million (Rupees 1100 crores at the exchange rate of Rs. 66.75 = 1US$) for five years starting from 2017-18.   The project is proposed on 50:50 cost sharing basis between the World Bank and the Government of India, implemented at the Education Division, ICAR, New Delhi. Overall, the project aims to develop resources and mechanism for supporting infrastructure, faculty and student advancement, and providing means for bettergovernance and management of agriculturaluniversities, so that a holistic model can be developed to raise the standard of current agriculturaleducation system that provides more jobs and is entrepreneurship oriented and on par with the global agriculture education standards.

The project would benefit all the Agricultural Universities (AUs), i.e. 63 State Agricultural Universities modelled on the US Land Grant University pattern, 5 Deemed to be Universities (DUs), three Central Agricultural University (CAUs) and four Central Universities (CUs) with Agriculture Faculty.

The scheme has following three major components:

Component 1: - Support to Agricultural Universities. This component will have three sub-components:
Sub-component 1A: Investments toward 21st Century Agricultural Universities through Institutional Development Plan (IDP)
Sub-component 1B: Investments in Centres for Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology (CAAST)
Sub-component 1C: ICAR innovation grants to AUs

Component 2:  - Investments in ICAR for Leadership in Agricultural Higher Education.   This component will have two sub-components:

Sub-component 2A: Investments in ICAR to support excellence in AUs

Component 3: Project Management and Learning

The project is likely to be launched on July 16, 2017 (The Foundation Day of ICAR).

(Source: National Agricultural Higher Education Project, Education Division, ICAR)