15th Convocation of National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University), Karnal

5th March 2017,Karnal

Fifteenth Convocation of the National Dairy Research Institute was organized on 4th March 2016. Padmashri Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram, World Food Prize Winner 2014, Former Director, Wheat Programme, CIMMYT  and Former Director, Biodiversity & Integrated Gene Management Program, ICARDA delivered the Convocation Address and distributed the degree certificates to 268 graduataing students. Besides the degree certificates, Directors Medals and Merit Certificates were also awarded to the graduating students from different streams.

 15th Convocation of National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University), Karnal 15th Convocation of National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University), Karnal

In his convocation address Dr. Rajaram expressed his happiness to be a part of the celebrations. He said “ I am happy to be a part of this event, when this premier institution is providing to the nation a large number of trained young professionals in dairying and allied disciplines”. He said that Dairy Science is a vital science to help humanity getting healthier as it is directly  related to India’s nutritional security where large number  of the people are vegetarian.

He mentioned about challenges & opportunities such as increasing population leading to more demand for food production with diminishing resources. India will have1527 million people in India by 2030. We are 17.6 per cent of total global population on a land mass area of 2.97 million square km, with a population density of 459 people per square km. He said that there is a huge opportunity in creating small and large milk based Enterprises across country. There would be high demand for special products, such as cheese, lactose free milk, etc. He further said that, as per India’s statistics for fiscal year 2014-15, the average milk yield of indigenous cattle and water buffaloes is 2.5 and 5.2 kg per day, respectively.  On the contrary, average milk yield for exotic crossbred cattle is 7.2 kg per day. The yield is significantly less than that of 22 and 28 kg per day in UK and, US, respectively. Beside low genetic and poor veterinary services, low milk yield can be attributed to lack of nutritional feed. He informed that just 4% of total cultivable area in the country is under fodder production. He stressed that if we move towards keeping our cattle population healthier and consequently healthier milk, we should look into the balance between agriculture for grain production and farming for forage production. He indicated that,  if we could improve the health of cattle population by providing better feed stocks, this would automatically result into decrease in number of cattle, and consequently improve the environment especially global warming. As you may be aware that the 15% of the global warming is associated with cattle farming.

He also said that NDRI has made the nation richer through the human resource development and training the young minds. He advised the students that while making their carriers in future also support India to make a better society. The onus is on the young generation to use their own innovative ideas to help the nation for more prosperity. He appreciated that such a large number of girl students are passing out from the subject of Animal Science from NDRI. He congratulated all the graduating students, awardees and medalist.

 15th Convocation of National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University), KarnalDr. R.R.B. Singh, Director, NDRI presented the progress report on the significant achievements made by the institute during the past year. He also congratulated all the awardees, teachers and parents. He informed that in the previous financial year, Institute has received Rs. 65 crore grant through 77 extramural research projects. He said that institute at present has 8 international collaboration with countries like New Zealand, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan, Ireland, Kenya and Brazil. He said Institute has transferred 8 technologies to various firms in 2016-17 and 3 patents have been granted. He also informed that NDRI has started two new Master Programme in Food Science & Nutrition and Food Safety & Quality Assurance. He further informed that at present, 940 students are undergoing various academic programmes at NDRI.  Out of these, 372 are girl students and 05 are foreign students. Today in the 15th Convocation, we are awarding degrees to 92 PhD, 148 Master and 22 B.Tech students. On this occasion, the NDRI best teacher awards for PG & UG categories were  presented to  Dr. S.K. Tomar, and Dr. Yogesh Khetra, respectively. The other dignitaries who were present include Dr. H. Rahman, Deputy Director General (Animal Science), ICAR; Dr. AK. Srivastava, Member, Agricultural Scientists Recruitment  Board, New Delhi and Dr. Rameshwar Singh, Project Director, Directorate of Knowledge Management in Agriculture); among other invited guests.