ICAR-NIBSM Celebrates Foundation Day

ICAR-National Institute of Biotic Stress Management, Raipur celebrated its 5th foundation day here today.

ICAR-NIBSM Celebrates Foundation DayICAR-NIBSM Celebrates Foundation DayICAR-NIBSM Celebrates Foundation Day

Dr. V. Ravindra Babu, Director, ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research, Hyderabad, the Chief Guest of the event, in his the foundation day lecture suggested to have holistic and multidisciplinary approach to achieve sustainable and profitable agriculture. He highlighted the importance of pest surveillance, host plant resistance, marker aided selection, genomic research for management biotic stress research.

Dr. D.B. Ahuja Director, ICAR- National Research Centre for Integrated pest management, Guest of Honor, emphasized on the judicious use of fertilizers and pesticides for control of pests and diseases.

Earlier, Dr. Jagdish Kumar, Director, ICAR-NIBSM in his welcome address briefed on the importance of the institute for management of pest and diseases related to agriculture.

The foundation stone of Integrated Farming System Model was laid out in NIBSM campus by the Chief Guest.

ICAR-NIBSM Newsletter (January-June 2016) and six extension folders were released by the dignitaries.

On this occasion, more than 350 farmers from different villages of Chhattisgarh participated in a farmers- scientist interaction on biotic stress management in agriculture.

(Source: ICAR-National Institute of Biotic Stress Management, Raipur)