Capacity Development on Climate Resilient Agriculture at ICAR-CRIDA

19-31 January, 2015, Hyderabad

ICAR-Central Research Institute of Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad organized 8-day capacity development program for KVK Staff in four batches during 19-31 January, 2015 in which 205 participants including Program Coordinators, Subject Mater Specialists and research fellows from 100 NICRA-KVKs in eight Zonal Project Directorates (ZPDs) implementing Technology Demonstration Component (TDC) under the National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) project participated.  

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Multidisciplinary staff from 100 NICRA KVKs belonging to different regions was brought together in four batches to facilitate interaction and cross learning on successful interventions for climate resilience in agriculture.  The capacity development program was undertaken based on the recommendation of Zonal Monitoring Committees. Knowledge updating on various aspects covered value added agromet advisories, principles, data formats and quantification of impact of climate resilient practices and technologies in natural resource management, crop production, livestock production systems and also on strengthening village level institutions for seed bank and custom hiring of farm machinery.

Best performing NICRA-KVKs and KVKs hand holding Village level Climate Risk Management Committees (VCRMC) in each zone shared their experiences by presenting the best practices, their impact and farmers feedback in adopted NICRA villages. All the KVKs participated in the poster sessions on successful interventions vis-a-vis climate vulnerability faced in the adopted village. Participants visited state-of-the-art climate change research facilities on phenomics, OTCs, GHG measurements and livestock interventions established at CRIDA under NICRA.

(Source: NRM Division, ICAR)