Participatory Contingency Planning for Kharif 2015

20th June 2015, Bhopal

IParticipatory Contingency Planning for Kharif 2015n view of deficit monsoon prediction by IMD, Pune, an awareness-cum-interactive meeting on “Participatory Contingency Planning for Kharif 2015” was organized by ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal at village Parwalia Sadak, Bhopal on 20th June 2015.

Shri. Alok Sanjar, Member of Parliament (Bhopal, MP) highlighted the significance of Gai - Gaon - Kisan (Cow-Village-Farmer) for sustainable production. He emphasized the need for following modern scientific methods of cultivation to make farming a profitable venture.

Shri. Vishnu Khatri, Member of Legislative Assembly (Berasia, MP) outlined the initiatives of the Government for the welfare of farming community including soil testing laboratory in each block.

The subject matter experts highlighted the importance of alternate crops as a risk avoidance mechanism.  As a contingency plan, benefits of diversified agriculture with an allocation of 10-20% of land to fruit trees, flower crops and high value vegetable crops, for higher income and management of adverse climatic conditions, was emphasized.

Earlier, Dr. Ashok K. Patra, Director, ICAR-IISS, explained the available technologies related to soil and water management, which can be implemented for reducing the risk of adverse climatic conditions. Scientists also gave advisory on the contingency measures, like dates of sowing and selection of varieties, fertilizer dose and method of application depending upon the onset of monsoon, like early, late and regular onset, mid-season drought, etc. to the farmers.

Scientists from various ICAR institutes, officials from State Department Agriculture, and around 100 farmers (from 10 villages) participated in the meeting. 

(Source: ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil Science, Bhopal)