Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI organized various fisheries activities in tribal area

21st August, 2014, Allahabad

Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI conducted multiple fisheries development activities in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh under Tribal Sub Plan. The tribal belt is spread over 300 km2 and located near international Indo-Nepal border in close vicinity of Dudhwa National Park. The area is inhabited by 99 % Tharu population, spreads in about 40 hamlets and 15 Gramsabhas. THARU’s are an ethenic tribal group concentrated to southern foothills (Terai) of Indo-Nepal border. The tribal area is blessed with plenty of water resources including about 90 ponds of different sizes, rivers, tributaries and wetlands. Besides fish farming, most of the tribals are also engaged in fishing activities in the nearby Mohana and Sharda rivers and connected wetlands. The tharu’s are fond of non-vegetarian food, hence apart from fish and crabs, 25 species of molluscs are reportedly consumed by some of the tribals in the area. As a result, fish and mollusc’s diversity is under severe pressure from the people. Therefore, there is an alarming need to sensitize the people about sustainable use of natural resources and enhance fish production from ponds to minimize fishing pressure on the natural water bodies.

With the objective to enhance fish yield from ponds and increase income of the tribals awareness, training cum demonstration and fish seed distribution program was organized at Integrated Tribal Development Project Office, Chandan Chouki, Lakhimpur Kheri from 21-22 August 2014.  Dr. K.D. Joshi, Principal Scientist & Head of the Allahabad Centre and Mr. S.C.S. Das, Scientist, educated the tribal fish farmers on various fish farming practices in general and pond management in monsoon and drought conditions in particular. Mr. Balbir Singh, ADO and In-charge, Integrated Tribal Development Project Office also mentioned the importance of fish in tharu’s life style in the programme. After successful completion of training and demonstration, quality fish seed in the form of fingerlings (comprising IMC and exotic carps) was distributed to 35 tharu fish farmers and stocked in their ponds.

Since initiation of various fisheries development activities, related inputs including drag and cast nets, fish feed, potash, pH paper and lime were also distributed among the tribals, time to time. The drag nets were distributed to the respective Gram Pradhans for sharing by the fish farmers of the allotted village. The cast nets were distributed to the tribals after successful completion  of  3-days training. The tribals are evincing keen interest in various fisheries related developmental activities being undertaken by CIFRI.

(Source: CIFRI,Regional Centre,Allahabad)