First Draft Whole Genome Sequence of H. armigera (NPV) from India

NPV are one of the most potent biocontrol agents for control of H. armigera particularly on pulses, vegetable, etc. in India. The first draft whole genome sequence of H. armigera Nucleopolyhedrosis NPV from India by a team of workers comprising Dr. S. K. Jalali, Dr. T. M. Shivalingaswamy, Dr. A. Verghese and Mr. Rakshit Ojha of the Division of Molecular Entomology, National Bureau of Agriculturally important Insects, Bangalore and Dr. Raj Bhatnagar of International Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New Delhi is presented.

The size of complete whole genome of the NPV was determined to be 113631bp long and circular in nature (Fig. 1), having a total of 143 protein coding genes (PCGs), 6 repeat regions, most of the genes comprised of A+T-rich region, 66 named proteins were identified. The gene arrangement and orientations of assembled NPV whole genome were identical to the reported single capsid NPV genome from China.


. DNA plotter for gene arrangement in Helicoverpa armigera Nucleopolyhedrovirus of most virulent strain, whole genome (113631bp). DNA plotter for gene arrangement in Helicoverpa armigera Nucleopolyhedrovirus of most virulent strain, whole genome (113631bp). The abbreviation Lef-2, iap-2 and bro refer to late expression factor; Inhibitor of apoptosis; Baculovirus repeated ORF, different colour represents protein coding genes (PCGs). DNA plot gene arrangement (Welcome Trust-Sanger). Out of 67 named protein coding genes, 42 have been submitted and out of 76 hypothetical proteins 44 were submitted to GenBank, constituting 143ORFs. Clockwise-- Polyhedrin, Viral Capsids Gene, Proteinase K, Immediate Early Gene, DNA Synthesis Regulator, Fibrous Body Gene, Late Expression Factor 6, ssDNA Binding Protein, Viral Ubiquitin, Late Expression Factor 11, Budded Virus Envelope Protein 31, Transcription Regulator, Late Expression Factor 12, Late Expression Factor 8, Late Expression Factor 10, Few Polyhedra Plaque Phenotype Associated Protein, Late Expression Factor 9, Viral Cathepsin-Like Protein, Inhibitor Of Apoptosis 2, Putative Methyl Transferase, DNA-Dependent DNA-Polymerase, Very Late Expression Factor 1, Occlusion-Derived Virus Glycoprotein, Telokin-Like Protein-20, Major Viral Capsid Protein, Late Expression Factor 4, Late Expression Factor 5, Budded Virus And Occlusion-Derived Virus Capsids Protein 42, Occlusion-Derived Virus Envelope/Capsid Protein 43, Viral Capsid Associated Protein Gene, Occlusion-Derived Virus Envelope Protein 66, Per Os Infectivity Factor 3, Poly(ADP-Ribose) Glycohydrolase, Inhibitor Of Apoptosis 3, Baculovirus Repeated ORF D, Superoxide Dismutase, Per Os Infectivity Factor 1, Fibroblast Growth Factor, Late Expression Factor 1, Ecdysteroid UDP-Glucosyl Transferase, Budded Virus Envelope/Capsid, Protein Kinase, Interacting Protein 1.