Bollywood Actors Advocate Farm Mechanization for Young Farmers

Shreyas Talpade and Manjari Phadnis, well known Bollywood actors, visited CIAE and appreciated the role of farm machines in making agriculture more acceptable to young boys and girls as a profession in India. Dr. Pitam Chandra, Director; Dr. LP Gite, Project Coordinator (ESA); and Dr. PC Bargale, Head (TTD) introduced them to CIAE technologies. They tried their hands on farm tools such as maize sheller and groundnut decorticator and experienced the relative ease and fastness to complete the jobs with appropriate machinery. They showed keen interest in several other developments including safe coconut tree climbing gadget, fruit harvesting platform, and aloe vera gel extractor. Both of them liked the millet based, maida free, nutria-buscuits recently formulated at the institute. The special visitors interacted with CIAE scientists and learnt about the institute programmes.

(Source: CIAE, Bhopal)