Annual Pearl Millet workshop organized at JAU

23rd March 2013, Junagadh

Shri Govindbhai Patel, Minister of Agriculture, Government of Gujarat inaugurated the 48th Annual Pearl Millet Workshop of All India Coordinated Pearl Millet Improvement Project at Junagadh Agricultural University (JAU), Junagadh. In his inaugural address, Shri Patel expressed his satisfaction over the achievements made in the AICPMIP in terms of varieties and package of practices. He also emphasized upon the importance of bajra in low cost agriculture for small and marginal farmers of Gujarat.

Dr. N.C. Patel, Vice-Chancellor, JAU stressed upon the improvement in fodder yield and quality of this crop to meet the growing demand. He also acknowledged the use of molecular tools to improve biotic and abiotic tolerance and quality traits in pearl millet.

On this occasion, Dr. R.P. Dua, ADG (FFC), ICAR described bajra as a future crop under the climate change scenario. He also emphasized upon the strong production programme in this crop for meeting nutritional security. Dr. Dua said this crop may serve as a good gene source for drought and heat tolerance.

Dr. M.M. Roy, Director, CAZRI, Jodhpur highlighted achievements made during 2012-13 under AICPMIP. Dr. K.N. Rai, Principal Scientist, ICRISAT described pearl millet as most heat, salinity and acidity tolerant crop.

Earlier, Dr. C.J. Dangaria, Director of Research, JAU, Junagadh welcomed the dignitaries and briefed the gathering about the programme.

Dr. P.R. Padhar, Incharge, AICPMIP, Jamnagar proposed vote of thanks.

 (Source: All India Coordinated Pearl Millet Improvement Project, CAZRI, Jodhpur)