Brain Storming Meet on Trypanosomiasis in Camel

6th March, Bikaner

National Research Centre on Camel, Bikaner conducted a Brain Storming Meet on Trypanosomiasis in Camel involving scientists of NRCC, Veterinary parasitological experts from country like Dr. M.B. Chhabra, Professor and Head (Retd.), HAU, Hissar; Dr. G.S. Manohar, Professor, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner; and senior technical Officials from Rajasthan Animal husbandry Department. Dr. N.V. Patil, Director, NRCC initiated the discussion.

During the meet the experts expressed that Trypanosomiasis in camel is endemic in Rajasthan, particularly in camel-rearing zone of Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Barmer. The disease remain mostly in carrier state and the clinical cases including abortions are as a result of flare-up due to possible combination of more than one stresses but mainly climate change in the region has resulted in lowered immunity of animal on one hand and increased breeding of vector flies on the other. The efforts done at NRCC for control of the disease were appreciated. The experts appreciated the efforts of State of Rajasthan which has launched a Trypanosomiasis Control Programme and the state AH officials said that state wide campaign will be put in operation shortly. It was agreed that Quinapyramine pro-salt for prophylaxis and sulphate for curative use should be adopted. Dr. S.K.Ghorui,Principal Scientist and Dr. Kashinath, Veterinary Officer,NRCC presented the existing status of trypansomiasis in NRCC herd and the control and treatment measures being taken for the camels of the centre.

(Source: NRCC,Bikaner)