Record body weight of broiler rabbit achieved at 12 weeks of age at CSWRI, Avikanagar

Broiler Rabbit Male

18th January 2013, Avikanagar

A  broiler rabbit male (B-2309)  of Black Brown strain, developed at Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar has achieved a record body weight of 2.835 Kg at 12 weeks (84 days). This has the potential to increase the carcass yield from the present 1.0 kg/animal to 1.5 kg/animal. This male has shown exceptional growth at every stage (4 weeks-0.7 kg; 6 weeks-1.3kg; 8 weeks-1.8kg; 10 weeks-2.350kg and 12 weeks-2.835kg) and achieved this body weight which is normally achieved at 24 weeks of age (168 days). This record body weight has been achieved for the first time in Black Brown strain developed at CSWRI through intensive inter se mating and selection over the years. This strain is breeding true to its coat colour and giving high performance in all parameters. This exceptional male will be used to produce elite progenies in the future to further improve the performance of broiler rabbits at CSWRI, which is the sole repository of high quality broiler rabbit germplasm in the country. The strict selection programme being followed has resulted in around 50% of all growers achieving > 2.0kg overall at 12 weeks. 


(Source: Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar)