Stripe Rust (Yellow Rust) of Wheat control in major wheat growing states in rabi 2010-11

Wheat crop in certain parts of Punjab, Haryana, J & K and parts of Uttarakhand and bordering crop fields in Uttar Pradesh have been affected by stripe rust or yellow rust of wheat caused by a fungal pathogen, Puccinia striiformis presently. The disease appears in the form of yellow stripes on wheat leaves. This disease appears if cold temperature with intermittent rains prevail in Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and tarai regions of UP and Uttarakhand. In order to contain this disease from becoming an epidemic and move towards rest of the North Western Plain Zone and Northern Hill Zone of India, appropriate care may please be taken by the following measures.

  1. Constant monitoring in all villages through farmer-participatory scouting and supervised by Assistant Director of Agriculture along with local KVK specialists and Sate Agricultural University professors. Vigil about its course of spread in each district may be reported to the respective Director of Agriculture in each of the above state.
  2. If the yellow rust is noticed in the wheat crop, it is advised to spray the crop with Propiconazole (Tilt) 25 EC @ 0.1 % (1 ml / litre) using power sprayer or tractor mounted boom sprayers. 0.5 litre per hectare of the fungicide shall be sufficient to effectively cover the wheat crop.

(Source: Directorate of Wheat Research, Karnal)