Chairman, ASRB visits NRC on Equines

Bikaner, 21 January 2017.

Chairman, ASRB visits NRC on EquinesDr Gurbachan Singh (Chairman, ASRB) visited the Equine Production Campus. Dr B.N. Tripathi (Director, NRC on Equines) informed about the various equine breeds (of both horses and donkeys) that are being maintained at the campus. Dr Gurbachan Singh was fascinated by the different morphological characters of these breeds and took keen interest in the research work that is being carried out by the scientists at the campus. Dr Singh informed the scientists about the recent vacancies advertised by ASRB and encouraged them to reap benefits of early promotions through direct selection in these posts. He also congratulated the scientists for their research achievements in equine production for the benefit of equine owners, especially in the conservation and propagation of indigenous equine breeds.  Dr Singh addressed the staff of the campus and encouraged them to carry out research in equine production which can make a global imprint.

(Courtesy: English Editorial Unit)