Farmers-Scientists Interface at Bilaspur

31st October, 2015, Bilaspur

A Farmers Scientist- Interface in Bilaspur district, Chhattisgarh was organized by NIBSM in collaboration with KVK, Bilaspur here today. The Interface conducted as a part of transfer of technology programme to manage the biotic stress factors under the institute research project entitled "On-farm evaluation, assessment of biotic stress management technologies for adoption and impact".

Farmers-Scientists Interface at Bilaspur Farmers-Scientists Interface at Bilaspur  

Dr. Anil Dixit, Principal Investigator of the project explained the importance of weed management, biotic stress factors and its role in yields loss, herbicide usage, herbicide handling and safety measures, appropriate selection and methods of sprayers and nozzles usage. The recommended dose of appropriate herbicide was also emphasized.

Dr. V.K. Choudhary, Scientist and  Co-PI of the project explained  about scientific rodent management, live hole surveying principles, poison bait preparation, method of bait administration and safety disposal of poisoned baits.

Dr.P.Mooventhan, Scientist, Co-PI of the project collected the feedback and information need of the farmers in the biotic stress management through focused group discussion.

Farmers actively participated and interacted with the scientists on various issue related to integrated biotic stress management.

Dr. K.R. Sahu, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Bilaspur and Subject Matter Specialists also interacted with farmers.

(Source:ICAR-NIBSM, Raipur)