Director General, ICAR Appreciated IIHR

19th October 2012, Bangaluru

Dr Ayyapan inaugurating the new guest house at IIHRDr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR visited IIHR on 19th October 2012 along with Dr. N. K. Krishna Kumar, DDG (Hort.) and Dr. W. S. Dhillon ADG (Hort.). 

Dr. Ayyappan said that the progress made by IIHR is extremely impressive and he appreciated the Director and his team of scientists for all the achievements made. He suggested Dr. N.K. Krishna Kumar, DDG (Hort.) to make a special presentation on the achievements of IIHR in the forthcoming Governing Body meeting of ICAR. He made immediate arrangements for a framework policy on global licensing to help IIHR technologies break the geographical barriers.

HDr Ayyappan congratulating a progressive farmere also visited and appreciated the technology on inter-specific hybrid in Papaya, low cost net house cultivation of capsicum and demonstration plot of latest vegetable varieties of IIHR. Dr. Ayyappan also inaugurated the newly constructed Scientists’ Home, Farmers’ Hostel at IIHR campus and also visited remodeled exhibition hall.

Latest varieties and technologies were displayed on the occasion. The Director, Dr. A. S. Sidhu accompanied by all the Heads of Division, explained the details and impact of these technologies, several of which have been commercialized and well accepted in the market.

Dr Ayyappan visiting the exhibition organized at the fieldLatest varieties like Arka Kiran (Guava), Arka Prabhat (papaya), Arka Rakshak and  Arka Samrat (Tomato), Arka Khyati (chilli) to name a few were the highlights of the day which caught special attention of the delegation. Technologies like osmotic dehydration of fruits and vegetables, fruitfly traps, pneumatic seeder impressed the delegation.

IIHR a premier horticultural research institute in India, has developed several technologies of national acclaim including 210 varieties in fruit, vegetable, ornamental and medicinal crops. Notable examples include Arka Anamika (okra), Arka Manik (watermelon), Arka Komal (French bean), Arka Kalyan (onion) and Arka Vikas (Tomato) which have contributed immensely to the horticultural GDP during the past three decades and still continue to do so.

(Source: IIHR, Bangaluru)