Campaign for Functional Food Value of Camel Milk

3rd January 2014, Bikaner

National Research Centre on Camel (NRCC), Bikaner organized a three day (3rd-5th January 2014) campaign on ‘Camel as an animal of alternate utility for human health’. A Brainstorming meet on ‘Functional value of camel milk as compared to different species–cow, buffalo, goat and sheep’ was also organized.


Dr A.K. Srivastava, Director and Vice Chancellor, NDRI, Karnal presented a paper on ‘Functional food quality and pharmacological properties of the camel milk in terms of its functional food values’.

Dr. N.V. Patil, Director, NRCC presented status paper on the research efforts of NRCC directed towards promotion of camel as a milch animal and importance of camel milk as functional food to address the issues of human health.

Dr. R.K. Singh, Director, NRCE, Hisar briefed the utility of value of mare and donkey milk for human health and its closeness to human milk in term of nutritional quality.


During the campaign field activities, health camps, training, frontline demonstrations and Kisan Gosthies in villages were organized. Over 100 farmers participated in the programme. A camel milking competition was organised and the first three winners were rewarded. Farmers were explained the processes of preparation of value added milk products. In health camps scientists of NRCC made on spot diagnosis of ailments and appropriate therapeutic measures were undertaken for the camels.

Senior scientists from CAZRI CIRG, CSWRI, NDRI and NRCE participated in the campaign.

S.K.Ghorui, Raghvendar Singh and S.C. Mehta coordinated the campaign.

(Source: NAIP Mass Media Project, DKMA)