Blossom Day Organized by ICAR-Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture

6th March, 2017, Srinagar

ICAR-Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture, Old Air Field Srinagar, J & K organized “Blossom Day” on 6th March, 2017 at its main campus Srinagar. The theme of the event was Bloom in Temperate Fruits - Boon for Productivity and Horti-Tourism”. Expert scientists from NBPGR, Regional Station, Srinagar, IGFRI, Regional Station, Srinagar, SKUAST-K etc participated in the event along with the local farmers.

Blossom Day Organized by ICAR-Central Institute of Temperate HorticultureBlossom Day Organized by ICAR-Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture

Dr Desh Beer Singh, Director, ICAR-CITH, Srinagar enlightened the participants on the importance and role of temperate horticulture crop blossom on prediction of productivity and horti-tourism. He gave emphasis on the aesthetic role of diverse horticultural crop bloom like almond, peach, plum, pear, apple, cherry etc on Horti-tourism in the state. Horti-tourism can play important role in increasing farmer’s income if these crops and orchards become the part of tourism linkages. Discussion was made on the role of crop diversity and other scientific interventions to improve the productivity and decipher the role of the bloom in these crops for horti-tourism in the state. Research areas like canopy development with architectural engineering improving the productivity and aesthetic value of the plants, role of plant growth regulators for flower regulation, use of early/mid/late flowering varieties in crops to enhance the bloom duration, collaborative initiatives between horticulture and tourism department for implementing this new era of economy in the state, import of crop variety with improved bloom properties etc. Discussion was also made on protection of crop varieties from weather vagaries like heavy rainfall, snow fall or chilling during flowering period and advices like use of late flowering varieties, use of diverse crops to ensure crop security, proper drainage system, use of hail nets, pollination management by employing balanced pollinator and pollinizers ratio in the field etc. In this program emphasis was given to adverse climatic condition like heavy rainfall and snowfall on existing bloom/fruit set and impact of climate change on bloom and fruiting of temperate fruits.

Dr D B Singh informed that new research works will be initiated by the Institute to identify and develop the varieties with traits suitable for tolerating such type of environmental vagaries. This type of Blossom Day will be celebrated by the Institute every year to decipher the role of temperate horticultural crops in horti-tourism and the niche areas of research for improving state economy in general and farmer’s income in particular.

(Source: ICAR-CITH, Srinagar)