Ridge fertilizer Drill-cum-Planter Developed

Ridge fertilizer Drill-cum-Planter DevelopedDirectorate of Soybean Research, Indore has designed and developed an effective Ridge fertilizer drill cum seed planter for soybean cropsowing machine. It can successfully accomplish placing fertilizer below the soybean seed on the ridge of deep vertisols and associated soils and in soil with calcareous strata.

Diagrammatic sketch of the machineIn this drill provision for two sets of furrow openers is given, the front set is narrower than the rear  set. The rear set of furrow opener also performs as ridge stabilizer.  The machine is capable of sowing 0.7 hectares of land in just one hour. The three point linkage design of the machine is as per the category III of OECD standards. It can be operated with 50 PTO HP tractors. High carbon steel is used for making different components of the machine.

 This planter can successfully help solve the problem of moisture management in associated soils of Central and Peninsular India. It helps in ground water recharging, extending the period of optimum soil moisture in root zone, reducing the ill effect of water stagnation on the crop, improving the oxygen availability to roots and thereby improves the productivity level of soybean crop approximately by 30 % and saves 40% of basal doze of fertilizer.  This machine can also be used for gram, maize and pigeon pea by changing the seed roller.  This machine has provision to maintain different row spaces for sowing of different varieties of soybean crop and other crops as well.

Diagrammatic sketch of the placement of fertilizer and seed in the ridge by the machine

License for manufacturing and commercial sell of the said machine has been issued to two manufactures from Indore and Pune.

(Source: DSR, Indore)