XVI Dr B P Pal Memorial Lecture on ‘Research and Higher Education: Indian Challenges’

May 22, 2009 New Delhi

Dr C D Mayee, Chairman (ASRB), chaired the function on XVI Dr B P Pal Memorial Lecture, in the memory of Dr B P Pal, a doyen agriculturist of his era, at Dr B P Pal Auditorium, IARI in which Dr P Balaram (Director, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) was speaker.

Dr H S Gupta (Director, IARI) introduced speaker and conveyed the series of Lal Bahadur Sashtri Dr B P Pal Memorial Lecture and their corresponding speakers to its august gathering.

Prof (Dr) P Balaram shared his rich and vast research experience in his XVI Dr B P Pal Memorial Lecture on ‘Research and Higher Education: Indian Challenges'. He focused on Fragmentation v/s Integration, Measurement and Assessment of Science mentioning Academic Science (uncertain utility), Applied science (Clear goal and targets) and Assessment of Scientific activity. Besides he highlighted the ‘Diminishing Core of Universities', ‘Pathways to Reform', ‘National Knowledge Commission's Recommendations of Higher Education, 2007', ‘Challenges in creating World Class Education', ‘Creating an ambience', ‘Parameters of Institutional Performance' etc.

Dr C D Mayee congratulated Dr P Balaram whose Institute is completing 100 years by the end of May and recalled that IARI has already completed 100 years in 2005. Dr Mayee added ‘the need of science talent search job' and showed his worries as he said ‘otherwise we may miss the bus of development'.

16th Dr B. P. Pal Memorial Lecture (full text)

Source: English Editorial Unit (DIPA)