Annual Maize Workshop at Bengaluru

10-12 April 2016, Bengaluru

Annual Maize Workshop at Bengaluru59th Annual Maize Workshop was jointly organized by University of agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bengaluru and ICAR-Indian Institute of Maize Research, New Delhi at UAS, GKVK campus, Bangalore from 10-12 April, 2016.

Dr. JS Sandhu, DDG (CS), speaking on the inaugural day said that maize crop is as resilient as rice and wheat crops under climate change scenario. He also said that in coming ten years, there in need to double the production and productivity of maize in India to meet the growing demand as it one of the important crop of India. He urged farmers of this great nation to adopt improved production technology to enhance their farm-profitability.

Dr. Vinay Mahajan, Director, ICAR-IIMR, said that adoption of single cross hybrids will enhance the farmer’s profitability due to their high yield potential thus increase the maize productivity. He stressed to increase the focus on development of climate resilient new high yielding.

Dr. H Shivanna, Vice-chancellor, UAS, Bengaluru, expressed that he is looking forward that the workshop will come out with recommendations to enhance the maize productivity and profitability of farmers. He also said that, farmers are not getting remunerative price for their farm produce. He took the example of farmers of Mandya district of Karnataka that the farmers are largely growing sugarcane and they are not getting remunerative price. He suggested them to adopt less water requiring crop like maize; growing high yielding single cross hybrids will enhance their profitability.

During these three days Group Meet progress of last year was reviewed and technical programe for 2016-17 was formulated.

Maize scientist’s fom across the country and Private sector participated in this programme.

(Source: ICAR-Indian Institute of Maize Research, New Delhi)