Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI Celebrated World Fishery Day

21st November 2012, Allahabad

Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI Celebrated World Fishery DayAllahabad Regional Centre of Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (ICAR) observed World Fishery Day for the 3rd subsequent year on 21 November 2012with great enthusiasm.

Dr. K.D. Joshi, Head of the Regional Centre welcomed distinguished guests and participants in the Conference Hall of the centre. Dr. Joshi gave a brief presentation about the history, achievements and activities of the Centre. He also highlighted about the work done by the centre in the field of river, wetland and reservoir ecology & fisheries; spawn prospecting; socio-economic aspects. He also highlighted the fish diversity, composition and per cent share of exotic fishes in the major rivers.

A workshop (in Hindi) entitled “Nadiyon Main VidesheeMatsyaPrajatiyonKaAtikraman: Karan EvamNivaran (in Hindi) was organised to mark the important occasion of fishery fraternity and sensitise the stakeholders on alarming issue of rapid invasion of exotic fishes on major river systems including the river Ganga.Since most of the Indian rivers are excessively exploited and the altered physico-chemical parameters are not congenial for native fish species, hence are under rapid invasion of exotic fishes. An exhibition was also organised on the occasion displaying various activities of the institute as well as of the Regional Centre.

Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI Celebrated World Fishery DayMore than 120 participants including fishermen and fish  traders from Sadiyapur, Daraganj, Mehdauri; progressive fish farmers; retired and serving scientists of CIFRI; representatives of the state fisheries department; representatives of All India Radio, Allahabad; NGO’s and students actively participated in the World Fishery Day programme.

(Source: Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI)