Aromatic Rice - Hansraj


Aromatic Rice-Hansraj, Shri Arun Kumar Kamboj
Age: 53 years
Education: High school
Landholding: 6 ha
Farming experience: 35 years
Crops grown: Cultivation of paddy,
wheat and sugarcane
Cropping system: Paddy-wheat-sugarcane
Livestock: Cows (4 crossbred)
Buffaloes (4)
Recipient of National Innovation Foundation Award for energy harvesting from decomposed biowaste in 2009 Best farmer award by the ATMA in 2010 Special farmer award by best practices for organic farming in Uttarakhand hills by Uttarakhand Organic Product Parishad in 2009 Second prize in zonal sugarcane competition in 2009 by Ganna Vikas Parishad, U.S.Nagar

Shri Arun Kumar Kamboj
Village Chakarpur, P.O Bazpur, Block Bazpur,District Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand
(Mobile: 09897049791)

Description of innovation
Aromatic tall variety of rice has been developed from mass selection by the farmer which has potential for export as basmati rice. The variety is tolerant against bacterial leaf blight. This variety is a purified landrace of rice. It was selected on the basis of the uniformity in plant type, height, flowering and seed shape and other morphological characters. It takes 110 days for panicle initiation. Grain is long, cylindrical with elongation ratio of 1: 1.7. The grain width is medium and decorticated grain shape is long, with medium amylase content in endosperm.

Practical utility of innovation
Area is increasing owing to farmers acceptability. It is a good aromatic variety, preferred by exporters under organic basmati. Hansraj attracts premium price in the market. Under organic farming condition, it yields 20 tonnes/ha. This requires less fertilizer compared to other high-yielding varieties. With high fertility, yield gets reduced owing to lodging.

Field performance of aromatic rice variety - Hansraj