Technologies for specially abled persons -- National Science Day celebration

28th  February 2017, Bhopal.

ICAR-Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal celebrated National Science Day with the theme of Technologies for Specially Abled Persons on 28 February 2017. Dr (Mrs) Aruna Ravipati, Physiotherapist, Composite Regional Centre for Persons with Disabilities (CRC), Bhopal and  Dr L.P. Gite, Scientist Emeritus and Ex. PC, AICRP on Ergonomics and Safety in Agriculture (ESA), CIAE, Bhopal were Guests of Honour.  Dr K K Singh, Director, CIAE,  Bhopal inaugurated the programme. Dr L.P. Gite, in his presentation on Ergonomical interventions for prevention of acquired disability and for sustainable livelihood for people with disability, briefed about reasons of the acquired disability in agriculture  and presented technologies suitable for people with specially abled persons  to work and earn their livelihood with dignity. He motivated the participants to develop technologies suitable for the persons with disability to generate more income with less drudgery.

Technologies for specially abled persons -- Technologies for specially abled persons --

Dr (Mrs) Aruna Ravipati, Lecturer in Physiotherapy of CRC, Bhopal, urged the participants to help them with scientific technological interventions to reduce their physical and mental pain. Mr Nityanand Samal, Lecturer in Prosthetics & Orthotics of CRC, Bhopal showed various gadgets for specially abled people.

Dr K K Singh, Director, ICAR-CIAE  stressed about the need  to develop technologies in the area of farm mechanization, agro processing, renewable energy and irrigation engineering suitable for persons with special ability. He emphasized on the need of close coordination of various agencies such as R&D institutions, development institutions and organizations such as CRC, Bhopal to help people in need.

(Courtesy: English Editorial Unit)