ICAR-CMFRI Turns 70; Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Begin

18th February 2017, Kochi

Justice P Sathasivam, Kerala Governor inaugurated year-long Platinum Jubilee celebrations of ICAR- Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute here today. In his inaugural address, he urged upon the scientific community to address the issues being faced by the fishermen and fish farming community while carrying out research activities. Appreciating CMFRI’s efforts in promoting open sea cage farming, he said the development of hatchery technologies would help to increase people’s participation and ensure better results in fish production. The Governor released Cadalmin Anti-Hyper Cholestrolemic Extract, a neutraceutical product developed by ICAR-CMFRI for obesity and launched the mobile app named ‘Fish Finder Version1’ to identify the fish varieties. Special postal cover issued by the Indian Postal Department labelling ICAR-CMFRI’s name in connection with the Platinum Jubilee was also released by the Governor.

ICAR-CMFRI Turns 70; Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Begin

Dr. J. K. Jena, Deputy Director General (Fisheries) of ICAR, New Delhi presided over the function. He stressed the need for evolving a comprehensive governance structure to regulate fishing in the territorial waters and beyond, which is not only customized to deal with the local problems, but also felt legitimate by the fishing community. 

ICAR-CMFRI Turns 70; Platinum Jubilee Celebrations BeginICAR-CMFRI Turns 70; Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Begin

Dr Jena also felt the need to enhance the marine fish production significantly to meet the growing seafood demand in the country. According to him, the marine fisheries sector presently faces a number of challenges that include declining catch rate and diminishing returns, overfishing and /juvenile fishing leading to depletion of fish stock and rampant destruction of marine biota due to high-intensity trawling.   

He also pointed out that unsustainable fishing practices catalyzed by growing fishing capacity, particularly in the mechanized fishing sector, is a matter of concern for the fishery policy makers.

Dr J K Jena expressed his concern over highly unsustainable fishing practices such as pair trawling, purse seining, dynamite fishing etc. which were being practiced relentlessly at several parts of the coastline. Juvenile fishing is a major problem resulting in stock imbalances in many marine fish species, he added.  

Dr J K Jena, Deputy Director General (Fisheries) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi presided over the function. He stressed the need for strengthening regulations in order to conserve the fisheries resources and maintain the sustainability in the sector. Dr A Jayathilak, IAS, Chairman of MPEDA offered felicitation.

Director Dr A Gopalakrishnan announced the future research plans of the ICAR-CMFRI. Sumathi Ravichandran, Postmaster General (Kerala), Central Region, Kochi and Dr G Maheswarudu were those who present on the occasion.

CMFRI announces new research programmes

In connection with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the ICAR-CMFRI announced new research programmes to be carried out in immediate future. The institute will carry out a major research project to address the impacts, vulnerability and adaptation strategies of climate change in marine fisheries of the country. This is part of the Third National Communication (TNC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Govt of India. The report is expected to be finalised by the end of the year-long platinum jubilee celebration of the institute.

Another major programme which ICAR-CMFRI envisages is a revolutionary research programme on developing the breeding, seed production and farming technology of tuna, a major transboundary resource that is being cultured in far eastern countries.  ICAR-CMFRI plans to conduct the study for exploiting the growing international tuna market.

The ICAR-CMFRI will submit Mariculture Policy guidelines to the Union Government. With the capture fisheries hovering at potential level, the thrust is to utilize the coastal water bodies for mariculture related activities for enhancing production in a responsible manner.

Another major milestone during the platinum jubilee year is the development of pelagic fish biomass estimation model for the effective management of pelagic fishery of the country with the support of satellite remote sensing technology. The ongoing Chlorophyll based Remote Sensing assted Indian Fisheries Forecasting System (ChloRIFFS) will be utilised for the research programme.  Dr Gopalakrishnan, Director, ICAR-CMFRI elucidated the future plans during the inaugural ceremony of Platinum Jubilee celebrations.


ICAR-CMFRI at a Glance

(Source: ICAR- Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi)