High yielding and trait specific varieties- CPCRI

The focused breeding efforts have culminated in development and release of several high yielding varieties and hybrids ensuring higher productivity and overall profitability to the farmers. Nineteen improved high yielding varieties (thirteen selections and six hybrids) of coconut with potential for higher yield and suitable for copra/ tender nut/ biotic and abiotic stress tolerance have been released for cultivation. Altogether, ten improved varieties of arecanut (eight selections and two dwarf hybrids) with higher yield and seven high yielding varieties in cocoa (three elite clones and four hybrids), with varying processing qualities have also been released. Presently, the emphasis is on developing dwarf varieties and D x T hybrids in coconut and arecanut and dual purpose varieties in coconut, in appreciation of the present day realities in this sector. Research activities on spices at ICAR-IISR has resulted in establishment of world collection of spices germplasm, development of 25 improved varieties of spices, integrated nutrient, disease and pest management, post-harvest technologies for major spices like black pepper, cardamom, ginger, turmeric and tree spices, contributing to increase in production, productivity and sustainability in spices. The three cashew varieties with consistent performance and desirable yield attributes were released as NRCC Selection-1, NRCC Selection-2 and Bhaskara at ICAR-DCR.

ChandrasankaraMangala Arecanut dwarf hybrid   Cocoa hybrid

(Source: ICAR- Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasaragod)