Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI organised Capacity Building programme on Ganga Fisheries

Allahabad Regional Centre of CIFRI organised Allahabad Regional Centre of ICAR- Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute organised a Capacity Building Workshop cum Awareness Programme for fishers on “Ganga Nadi kee Matsyikee ke Sanrakshyan evam Samvardhan ke Upay at Gopalpur in Vindhyanchal, Mizapur district, Uttar Pradesh  on 31.03.2015. Gopalpur, situated on the right bank of the river Ganga is a fisher’s village.  Out of approximate 1600 population, about 40 % of the working males are engaged in fishing activities in the river. Since the Vindhyanchal stretch of the river Ganga is rich in fish diversity, but extremely exploited by number of gears including some highly devastating ones. Hence it was felt to conduct a capacity building programme to educate the fishers and other beneficiaries for responsible fisheries, sustainable fish harvesting, exploitation of invasive species and related conservation issues. Another objective to conduct the programme with the active fisher was to assess the landing scenario in the river; fish diversity available in the stretch; invasion of exotics, if any; size of the fishes caught; status of hilsa and other rare fishes in the catches and socio-economic issues related to the fishers.

More than 250 fishermen including good number of fisher women, school children, members of village Panchayat from nearby villages attended the programme. An exhibition displaying various activities of the institute as well as of the Regional Centre was also showcased at the site. Scientists and other staff of the Centre explained the activities of the institute to the participants. The villagers were also sensitized about importance of cleanliness of kitchen, backyards and nearby areas, prohibition of polythene bags and general sanitation.