National Action Plan for Anti-Microbial Resistance

 5th December 2016, NASC Complex , New Delhi

FAO-ICAR Joint collaborative meeting for National Action Plan for Anti-microbial resistance (AMR) was held here today under the Chairmanship of Dr H. Rahman, DDG (Animal Science), ICAR.

National Action Plan for Anti-Microbial Resistance

Dr Shyam Khadka, FAO representative, Dr R.K. Singh, Director, IVRI, Dr Lalita Shankar USAID, Dr Sunil Gupta, NCDC, Dr Rajesh Bhatia etc., participated in this Interactive meeting and suggested basic objectives for Global Action Plan. 

Anti-microbial resistance is one of the major public health problems, especially in developing countries like India, where relatively easy availability and higher consumption of medicines have lead to disproportionately higher incidence of inappropriate use of antibiotics and greater levels of resistance compared to developed countries.

The five basic objectives were discussed for one health approach.

  • Awareness and understanding AMR.
  • Strengthening knowledge for surveillance
  • Reduction in the incidence of infection
  • Optimize the use of antibiotics
  • Develop the economic use of antibiotics for sustainable investment.

Following suggestions were made by the experts and recommended by the Chairman:

  • Mass awareness in all sectors
  • Strict monitoring for use of antimicrobials/antibiotics with designated
  • Regulatory mechanism at district and block level
  • Special marks on antibiotic packets
  • Long term studies in mission mode
  • Capacity building and national network programme
  • Development and implementation of common standard operating procedure (SOPs)
  • Inter-sectoral co-ordination with identification of focal points
  • Database generation on production, distribution and usage of antimicrobials
  • Sharing of data from various sectors

(Source: Animal Science Division, ICAR)