ICAR Awards 2014

  • ICAR Norman Borlaug Award 2014

    To recognize the outstanding achievements of a scientist, who might have provided a major breakthrough in the field of agriculture through a new insight that has created high potential value for the future transformation of the Agricultural sector, Norman Borlaug Award has been instituted. The nominations for the awards are invited in the prescribed pro-forma for a scientist(s) of any discipline of agricultural and allied sciences and not necessarily confined to NARS, whose research work has displayed a rare quality of original thinking and path-breaking output. The award carries a cash prize of 10.00 lakh. Apart from this, the selected scientist would be given a research contingency grant of ₹ 30.00 lakh per year for carrying out research in an area identified mutually by the scientist and the ICAR, which will have specified objectives and goals. Grant would be admissible for a maximum of five years, subject to annual review and favorable recommendation by a committee of agricultural and non-agricultural scientists set up for the project. There is no age restriction. The Award is open to all Indian Scientists working in India. The awardees should have sufficient and reasonable period of service left at the time of award, only then he/ she could be granted a project as per existing terms and conditions of this award which involves research contingency grant for a period of five years. The applicant for this award should necessarily be nominated by the Presidents of Science Academies or Vice Chancellors of Agricultural Universities or Directors of Institutes.

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  • ICAR Challenge Award 2014

    To find a solution for any immediate or long-standing problem, or limitation in agriculture, which is coming in the way of agricultural development and/ or enhancing productivity in any major agricultural, horticultural or animal/fish product, ICAR has instituted a Challenge Award. The award carries a cash prize of 10.00 lakh, a citation, in addition to a share in the income generated by ICAR from the commercialization of the technology/ product/ process developed by the scientist while solving any of the given challenges as per ICAR rules and norms. The list of “Challenges” can be obtained either from the Award Cell of ICAR or can be down loaded from ICAR website.  Any scientist or group of scientists may, at any time, file a claim of having solved any one of the listed “challenges”.

  • Challenges

    • Eradication of bacterial blight in Pomegranate.
    • Development a sugarcane variety fully resistant to red rot.
    • Developing a variety of pulse crop, fully resistant to pod borer
    • RNA interference (RNAi) based cure for foot and mouth diseases (FMD).
    • Nano particle based prophylactic for avian influenza (Al) in poultry.
    • Development of yellow rust resistant (including ug 99) wheat.
    • Dev of HYV rice (>5 ton /ha) in conditions of low light intensity in the Eastern region.

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  • Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR Institution Award 2014

    In order to recognize outstanding performance by the ICAR institutes, DUs of ICAR, CAU and State Agricultural Universities, three Awards of 10.00 lakh each, a citation and a plaque will be given to two ICAR Institutes/NRC/Project Directorates National Bureaus (a Large and a small institute each) and one  State Agricultural University/DUs/CAU

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  • Chaudhary Devi Lal Outstanding All India Coordinated Research Project Award 2014

    In order to recognize outstanding performance of the AICRP and its cooperating centers and to provide incentive for outstanding performance in terms of linkages and research output and its impact, one annual award of 3.00 lakh (` 2.00 lakh for the main coordinating unit and ₹ 1.00 lakh for the best coordinating centre) in cash, a citation and a plaque  is to be given to the selected AICRP. All the All India Coordinated Research Projects, which have been in operation for at least 10 years can apply for the award

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  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award for P.G. Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Agricultural and Allied Sciences 2014

     In order to promote high quality doctoral thesis research in priority/frontier areas of agriculture and allied sciences, ICAR has instituted 18 awards of ₹.50,000/-in cash plus a citation and silver medal (gold polished) each to be awarded annually for the outstanding original research work in agriculture and allied sciences. This award is meant exclusively for the doctoral thesis related to agricultural sciences from  Indian Universities. The Ph.D. degree/provisional degree for this award must have been awarded during the year preceding the year of the award i.e. 2013.  A thesis will be considered only once for this award. Applicant must have evidence of publication of his/ her work in the form of published/ accepted form of at least one good research paper in a reputed journal having NAAS rating of ≥ 6 from the research work done for the Ph.D. thesis.

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  • Panjabrao Deshmukh Outstanding Woman Scientist Award 2014

    All women scientists engaged in research in agricultural and allied subjects /extension in a recognized institutions are eligible for this award. The award consists of 1.00 lakh  in cash and citation along with provision of equal amount of 1.00 lakh for motivating woman scientists and female students across the country including travel within a year of receiving  the award. The awards are exclusively meant for individual women scientists. 

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  • Vasantrao Naik Award for Outstanding Research Application in Dry land farming systems 2014

    In order to promote outstanding research and application in priority aspects of dry land farming systems & water conservation, an Annual Award of   1.00 lakh is to be awarded to an outstanding scientist or extension worker. All agricultural and allied scientists engaged in research/ technology application work in dry land farming in India are eligible for the award. The award is also open to small inter disciplinary team of the scientists comprising up to six scientists.

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  • Jagjivan Ram Abhinav Kisan Puruskar /Jagjivan Ram Innovative Farmer Award (National/Zonal) 2014

    In order to recognize the outstanding contributions of innovative farmers for initiatives in development adoption, modification and dissemination of improved technology and practices for increased income with sustainability, following national and zonal awards are announced:

    1. National: One  annual national award of 1.00 lakh each in any of the areas of agriculture and allied sciences + equal amount of travel grant across the country to promote his achievement are to be given to farmers at national level.
      Agricultural Production Commissioners / Secretaries / Directors of  Agril. / Hort. /A.H. / Fisheries / Sericulture, Vice-Chancellors of Agricultural Universities / Directors of ICAR Institute will identify and nominate the farmers in their areas of jurisdiction and forward the authentic information to the Council.
    2. Zonal: Eight annual awards of 0.50 lakh each + equal amount of travel grant to promote his/ her achievement and motivate farmers in his/ her perspective zone. All the KVKs in the country are divided zone wise. There are eight zones in the country and each zone is headed by Zonal Project Director. The geographical area of each zone is given in the guidelines of award.
      Agricultural Production Commissioners / Secretaries / Directors of  Agril. / Hort / A.H. / Fisheries / Sericulture, Vice-Chancellors of agricultural universities/ Directors of ICAR Institutes and Zonal Project Directors of KVKs/NGOs, will identify and nominate the farmers in their respective areas of jurisdiction and forward the authentic information to the Council.

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  • N.G. Ranga Farmer Award for Diversified Agriculture 2014 

    In order to recognize outstanding contribution of innovative farmers for diversified agriculture, one annual award of 1.00 lakh  in any of the areas of Diversified Agriculture is given by ICAR.
    Agricultural Production Commissioners / Secretaries/ Directors of Agril./ Hort./ A.H. / Fisheries/ Sericulture Vice-Chancellors of AUs/ Directors of ICAR Instt. / Zonal Directors of KVKs / NGOs, other organizations connected with plant and animal sciences will identify and nominate the farmers in their area of jurisdiction and forward the nomination after proper authentication to the Council.  All farmers selected for Zonal Award and meeting the criteria of this award are also eligible.

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  • Chaudhary Charan Singh Award for excellence in Journalism in   Agricultural Research and Development 2014

    In order to recognize the outstanding contribution in Journalism in the field of Agricultural Research & Development in the country, two annual awards of 1.00  lakh in cash and a citation each are to be awarded to journalists. There will be two awards- one each in print and electronic media respectively. The contribution made by the journalist would be judged through articles/success stories in Hindi/English News Papers / Magazines /Journals / Electronic Media in India during the preceding three years.

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  • Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Award for Outstanding Research in Tribal Farming Systems 2014

    The award is primarily meant for any person or team (with two or three associates, if any) engaged in applied research and its applications in tribal areas of the country aimed at improving the biological resources and livelihoods or in original work directly applicable to tribal farming system. Two awards each with the value of 1.00 lakh  in cash and citation + provision of equal amount for study on related subject in geographical area of work for a year. 

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  • Bharat Ratna Dr C. Subramaniam Award for Outstanding Teachers 2014

    In order to provide recognition to outstanding teachers and to promote quality teaching in the field of Agriculture, four outstanding teacher awards are given annually. Each award consists of 1.00 lakh in cash + travel grant of1.00 lakh to promote innovation in teaching. The applications through proper channel in respect of the eligible teachers are invited from SAUs, CAUs and DUs.

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  • Best Krishi Vigyan Kendra Awards( National & Zonal) 2014

    These awards recognize for outstanding performance by Krishi Vigyan Kendra at national level & zonal level and provide incentives for outstanding KVK performance, promote a sense of institutional pride in KVK for developing models of extension education and technology application. For competition at national level, there is one award having prize money of 3.00 lakh +₹ `3.00 lakh for infrastructural development + 1.00 lakh for sharing among staff + 5.00 lakh for overseas training of Programme Coordinator.

     At zonal level there are a total of eight awards: one for each zone of KVKs.  Each award consists of 1.00 lakh + ₹ 2.00 lakh for infrastructural development + 1.00 lakh for sharing among staff + 1.00 lakh for training in an Indian Institute for Programme Coordinators

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  • Dr Rajendra Prasad Puruskar for technical books in Hindi in Agricultural and Allied Sciences 2014

    These awards recognize to authors of original Hindi Technical books in agriculture and allied sciences & incentivize Indian writers to write original standard works in agricultural and allied sciences in Hindi. The award is meant for individuals as well as teams of authors.  An individual award consists of 1.00 lakh in cash and a citation. There are four awards, one each in the Crop / Horticultural Sciences; NRM / Agricultural Engineering, Animal / Fisheries Sciences and  Social Sciences. All original Hindi technical books in the designated subject areas of agriculture and allied sciences written by Indian authors, including editors of multi-author books in which the editor also has himself contributed substantially, are eligible. The author/editor must have had a substantial and active involvement in the relevant field of agriculture and allied sciences. The publication must be free from any infringement of copy rights. The publication must have been written and published during preceding year of the award.

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  • Lal Bahadur Shastri Outstanding Young Scientist Award 2014

     In order to recognize the talented young scientists who have shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their research programmes, four individual awards are to be given annually.  An individual award of 1.00 lakh in cash and a citation and a challenge project for three years with budgetary provision of 10.00 lakh per year+ 5.00 lakh for foreign training (upto 3 months), if deemed necessary by the ICAR.  The challenge project and foreign training will be administered/monitored by   Division of Agricultural Education of ICAR.  All young scientists who possess a doctoral degree and are below forty years of age (on 31st Dec.2013) and  hold a regular teaching, research, extension education job in the ICAR-SAU system of institutions and engaged in research in agricultural and allied sciences for at least five years continuously are eligible for consideration.

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  • Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award for Outstanding Research in Agricultural Sciences 2014

    In order to recognize outstanding research in agricultural and allied sciences & provide incentives for excellence in agricultural research, this award is to be given to agricultural scientists for outstanding contribution in specified areas.  A total of four awards are provided under the award.  Each award carries a cash prize of 5.00 lakh in addition to the citation. All Indian scientists engaged in agricultural research and overseas Indian scientists working in the areas relevant to Indian agriculture are eligible for these awards.

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  • Swami Sahajanand Saraswati Outstanding Extension Scientist Award 2014

    The award is exclusively meant for individual extension scientist/teacher for excellence in agricultural extension methodology and education work.  Two   individual awards have been provided. An individual award would consist of 1.00 lakh in cash and a citation.  Two awards have been assigned across the disciplines in agriculture & allied sciences.

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  •   Hari Om Ashram Trust Award for the biennium 2012-2013

    In order to recognize the outstanding research on long term problem in agricultural and allied sciences, four individual awards have been instituted. Each individual award carries a cash prize of 1.00 lakh in addition to a citation. All scientists engaged in research in the field of Crop /Horticultural sciences, Resource Management,/ Agricultural Engineering, Animal / Fisheries sciences and  Social Sciences in India are eligible for the award. The award is open to individual scientists as well as team of scientists.

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  •   NASI-ICAR Award For Innovation and Research on Farm Implements -2014

    In order to reduce drudgery of farm women by development of farm implements and to encourage researchers and innovators to develop farm implements for farm women, ICAR and NASI have instituted the NASI-ICAR Award For Innovation and Research on Farm Implements - 2014. The award consists of 1.00 lakh in cash, citation and certificate. The award is annual in nature. All Scientists/Engineers/ Innovators engaged in research in agricultural farm implements are eligible.

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  •  The prescribed eligibility criteria, the guidelines and the pro-forma for applying for these awards may be obtained from the Council before 30.11. 2014 by sending a self addressed stamped envelope. It can also be downloaded from the ICAR's website (www.icar.org.in). Seven copies of application with complete documents should be sent to Dr. Shiv Prasad Kimothi, Assistant Director General (Coordination), ICAR, Room No. 502, Krishi Bhawan, Dr.Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi-110 001 so as to reach him on or before 31.12.2014. The last date for candidates in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, States/Union Territory in the North Eastern Region, Ladakh Division of J&K State and Sikkim is 15.01.2015. The candidates are required to submit seven copies of applications/documents failing which the application will not be considered. The candidates should also clearly mention their contact details along with  Bank Account No., Bank Address, IFSC Code and PAN No. The Council will retain the award winning applications/thesis for the record.
    Each candidate will be judged on the basis of the originality and the applied value of the investigations as revealed in the documents submitted by him. In all matters relating to the award, the decision of the Council shall be final and no correspondence on this account will be entertained.

    List of Cash awards/Certificate of Distinction in three categories as Administrative Category/Technical Category/Supporting

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    Certain changes in the rules and guidelines of the existing ICAR awards