Review Meeting of the ICAR Network Projects on Transgenics in Crops

2nd December 2014, New Delhi

NRC on Plant Biotechnology, New Delhi conducted 8th review meeting of the ICAR- Network Projects on Transgenics in Crops (NPTC on 2nd and 3rd December, 2014.

The two day meeting was steered by a high-power committee headed by Prof Swapan Kumar Datta, Deputy Director General (Crop Science), Dr N K Krishna, Deputy Director General (Horticultural Science), Prof. Bharat Chattoo (former Vice Chancellor, Sher-E-Kashmir Univ of Agricultural Sciences & Technology), Dr J S Chouhan (Assistant Director General, Seeds and Mission leader NPTC), Prof Srinivasan (Professor, NRCPB).

Prof Swapan Kumar Datta is his address outlined the objectives and expectations from the project. He emphasized to strengthen the scientific linkages and establish sub-networks within the network for delivery of bona fide products from public institutions. Prof Datta also expressed optimism, despite budgetary constraints, that the project will be able to accomplish its objectives in a timely manner.

Mission leader of the project Dr J S Chouhan emphasized the need to expedite product development for Indian farmers.. 

Eminent scientists Prof Bharat Chattoo, Dr N K Krishna Kumar and Prof Srinivasan appreciated the reprioritization of identified works and gave critical comments for successful accomplishment of the project.

More than seventy five scientists and principal investigators from twenty three ICAR institutes participated in the meeting.

(Source: NRC on Plant Biotechnology, New Delhi)