Hands-on Training to Tribal Women Farmers on Pig Farming

30th October 2014, Sikkim

A hands-on training on Pig farming under deep litter-cum-piglet distribution to tribal farms women was conducted at Chungthang, North District of Sikkim here today.

Dr. R. K. Avasthe , Joint Director, ICAR Sikkim Centre, stressed  the need to go with integrated farming system which is more suitable and sustainable for mountainous terrain. Further, he elaborated the opportunities available in the region and need to harnesses them as availability of plenty of kitchen waste coming from construction workers, tourist hotels etc.

Dr. Brijesh Kumar, Scientist, Animal Reproduction explained the importance of pig farming under deep litter housing system and said that uncovered area must be filled with saw dust or any dry soft leaves that will provide good cushion to animal, reduces labor involvement and some extent off smell coming out of pig farm. He also emphasized on the potential of integration of pig farming with fish culture and horticulture for efficient recycling of resources and good returns.

Piglets were distributed among beneficiaries.

(Source: ICAR Sikkim Centre)