ICAR Foundation Day Celebrated at NAARM, Hyderabad

16th July, 2014, Hyderabad

The 86th Foundation Day of ICAR was celebrated at NAARM today, i.e. 16th July, 2014, jointly organized by all the ICAR institutes and regional stations in Hyderabad, viz. NAARM, CRIDA, DRR, DOR, DSR, DPR, NRC Meat, NBPGR and DMR besides NAARM. On this occasion, Smt. Poonam Malakondaiah, IAS, Agricultural Production Commissioner and Principal Secretary to Govt. of Telangana delivered the Foundation Day lecture. She complimented ICAR for making spectacular progress in the agricultural production since Imperial Council of Agricultural Research, later renamed as Indian Council of Agricultural Research was founded in this same day in 1929 and congratulated the agricultural scientists for the same. Further, she called upon all to prepare themselves to meet the future challenges on many fronts. Farmers of the country expect the public research and extension system to provide them the ready solutions in terms of technology, inputs and knowledge on scientific agricultural practices suiting to their local agro-climatic environments so as to produce more and at the same time, competitively. These challenges are more prominent and serious in the rainfed areas where there are problems of water, input availability and reach of extension services.  She requested the scientists to meet the farmers in the field and be with them through the entire production cycle, right from land preparation, seed treatment, harvesting and value addition. She opined that the technologies available with the public agricultural R&D system should be made available to the farmers by closely working with developmental personnels of the states. Further, with the increasing demand of high value food items such as vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, egg and fish in the  country as a result of enhanced income levels and better life style, the public system need to produce more and also with better quality matching global standards which could even be exported. She stressed that farmers need to be kept at centre stage while developing technologies for the use by them. She said during the occasion that seed is the most important input among all and the country expects the development of seeds with better quality traits available. With the ever increasing cost of production in agriculture, the issue of bridging the technology gap remains with the scientific community along with the extension personnels, so as to make the agricultural growth healthy for the faster progress of the nation. The event was attended by all the faculty and staff of NAARM, scientists of local ICAR institutes besides the scientist-trainees of 100th FOCARS, participants of various refresher courses and students. Dr. D. Rama Rao, Director, NAARM welcomed the Chief Guest and other invitees, and Dr. R. Kalpana Sastry, Joint Director proposed vote of thanks. Directors of DRR, DOR and ZPD attended the function.

(Source: NAARM,Hyderabad)