Brain Storming Session on Micro-Nutrient Deficiency in Fodder Crops in Western India Organized

8th March 2014, Bikaner

Western Regional Research Station of Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute (IGFRI), Avikanagar organized a Brainstorming Session on ‘Micro-nutrient deficiency in fodder crops in western India' on 8th March, 2014 at Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agricultural University (SKRAU), Bikaner. Dr. A.K. Dahama, Vice Chancellor, SKRAU, Bikaner was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Dr. R.P. Dua, ADG (FFC), ICAR chaired the session. He emphasized on the need of integrated research programme to address the issues of micro-nutrient deficiency in soil-plant-animal system continuum. He suggested that study on seed treatment and foliar spray of micro-nutrient in important fodder crops as well as in range grasses should be undertaken by using available micro-nutrient soil map of the region. Dr. Dua appraised the significance of livestock production for the region and also emphasized upon the importance of range grasses and other fodder resources for overall enhancement in fodder production.

Dr. Govind Singh, Director Research, SRRAU, Bikaner co-chaired the session.

Dr. R.V. Kumar, Head, Grassland and Silvipasture Management, IGFRI, Jhansi and Coordinator, WRRS-IGFRI, Avikanagr briefed the gathering about the event.

Dr. Sunil Kumar, Head, Crop Improvement, IGFRI, Jhansi welcomed the dignitaries and delivered the introductory remarks.

Dr. S.S. Meena, Principle Scientist (Plant Breeding), WRRS, Avikanagar, presented the fodder production scenario and forage resources of the region.

Dr. I.J. Gulati, Dean, Collage of Agriculture, SKRAU, Bikaner highlighted the role of various micro-nutrients in fodder crops.

Dr. M.L. Soni, Principal Scientist (Soil Science) RRS, CAZRI, Bikaner presented the status of micro-nutrients in the in different districts of Rajasthan. He categorically mentioned that in general Zink and Copper are the deficient micro-nutrient in all the five Agro-climatic Zones of Rajasthan while, Manganese is marginal in deficiency in feeds/ fodder in Zone IV from animals requirement point of view.

Dr. S.K. Mahanta, Principal Scientist (Animal Nutrition), IGFRI, Jhansi presented the role of micro-nutrients in animal system. He suggested that the area specific mineral mixtures are needs to be formulated to overcome the problem of specific micro-nutrient deficiency.

The programme was followed by in-depth discussions on various strategies required to address the issue of micro-nutrient deficiency in fodder crops.

(Source: IGFRI, Jhansi)