ISO Certification to IIVR

15th March 2014, Varanasi

Indian Institute of Vegetable Research (IIVR), Varanasi obtained ISO9001:2008 (certificate No 31089-AO1) on 15th March, 2014. This certification to IIVR is awarded for ‘Development of improved varieties, production and protection technologies in vegetables’. Acquiring an ISO certification is a step forward for furthering quality management at the institute which is compliant with requirements of the certificate.

IIVR is a premiere research institute on vegetable research in India. Since its establishment in the year 1999, IIVR is striving to bring nutritional security through economically viable, environmentally safe and resource sustainable vegetable technologies. IIVR holds more than 5000 accessions of different vegetables in its germplasm repository. So far, IIVR has developed more than 40 vegetable varieties/hybrids for cultivation in different zones of India. Through disease and pest resistant vegetable varieties, resource conservative production technologies and effective integrated pest management modules IIVR, Varanasi is playing significant role in enhancing and promoting production of safe vegetables.

(Source: IIVR, Varanasi)