73rd ISAE Conference at NAARM

18th December 2013, Hyderabad

Dr. C.H. Hanumantha Rao, Chancellor, University of Hyderabad inaugurated the 73rd Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Agricultural Economics (ISAE) at the National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), Hyderabad on 18th December, 2013. In his address, he said that technology is the most important component that is driving the change in agriculture today. Quoting from his experiences during the green revolution in the 1970s, he mentioned about the diversification of cultivation of crops and increase of non-cereals output. He asked the agricultural economics scientists and agribusinesses to develop post-harvest infrastructure in the country.

Dr. C. Ramasamy, President, ISAE and former Vice-Chancellor, Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore gave a brief background of the Conference and laid the objectives for discussion at this congregation.

73rd ISAE Conference at NAARM73rd ISAE Conference at NAARM73rd ISAE Conference at NAARM73rd ISAE Conference at NAARM73rd ISAE Conference at NAARM

Dr. C.L. Dadhich, Honorary Secretary, ISAE and Former Director (Research), RBI gave a historical perspective of the ISAE from its establishment in 1939 and the various activities of the ISAE today.

Dr. P. Padmaraju, Vice-Chancellor, ANGRAU presented his remarks on the effects of climate changes on agriculture. He cited the unseasonal cyclones in November, 2013 that wrecked the crops nearing harvest and the destruction of the crops that were harvested.

Earlier, Dr. S.L. Goswami, Director, NAARM welcomed dignitaries while Dr. R.S. Sidhu, read out the expanded thought of Late Dr. Karam Singh who was the President-elect of this Conference.

The ISAE conferred ‘Fellow of ISAE for year 2013’ to Drs. P. Kumar, M.G. Chandrakanth and R.P. Singh for their lifetime contribution to the field of agricultural economics and rural development.

More than 150 delegates participated in the Conference to discuss the growth, status and future prospects of agricultural economics and policy in the background of the XII Five Year Plan over three technical sessions, namely, ‘Development of Dryland Agriculture: Technological, Institutional, Infrastructural and Policy Imperatives’, ‘Agricultural Research and Extension in India—Achievements and Failures and Directions for the Future’, and ‘Agribusiness/Trade Opportunities for Inclusive Growth’.

(Source: NAARM, Hyderabad)