First Successful spawning of cobia in the RAS

20th September 2013, Mandapam

First Successful spawning of cobia (Rachycentron canadam) was achieved in the Recirculation Aquaculture system (RAS) at Mandapam centre. The RAS facility was inaugurated by Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR during May, 2013.

It was effectively utilized for the maintenance of cobia brooders. In this system, the brooders could be conditioned and maintained in healthy condition. One female and two male brooders were kept in the system. The ova size was assessed by cannulation and based on the same, the brooders were induced with hCG on 18th September 2013.  The total number of eggs spawned was 2.40 million and the fertilization percentage was 86.1.  The temperature range was 27.5 – 29°C. The hatching started by late evening of 20th September, 2013 and completed by early morning of 21st September 2013. A total of 1.80 million larvae hatched out with a hatching percentage of 86.7%. The larvae were stocked at different densities in the larviculture tanks.

(Source: CMFRI, Kochi)