Interaction Meeting for Strengthening Technological Linkage between ICAR Institutes Organized

17th July 2013, New Delhi

An interaction meeting of Project Directorate for Farming Systems Research (PDFSR), Modipuram with SMD wise institutes of ICAR was organized at New Delhi on 15th and 17th July, 2013 in order to establish a linkage among ICAR institutes for delivering best available materials/technologies/processes in the farming systems mode.

Interaction Meeting for Strengthening Technological Linkage between ICAR Institutes Organized

Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR inaugurated the meeting while Dr. A.K. Sikka, DDG (NRM) chaired the sessions. Dr. Ayyappan emphasized upon linking of various institutions in order to address the farm issues in a holistic manner. He said that PDFSR should give more emphasis in synthesizing the farming system models based on the best available knowledge from other ICAR institutes.

In his opening remarks, Dr. A.K. Sikka, DDG (NRM) said that the ICAR is taking up the farming system research as a major initiative to deliver the technologies as it cuts across all disciplines. He further added that farming system is highly complex and location specific in nature, development of farmer centric and demand driven models are need of the day.

Dr. N.S. Rathore, DDG (Agricultural Engineering) and Dr. Arvind Kumar, DDG (Education) co-chaired the session of interaction with Agricultural Engineering and NRM institutes, while Dr. S.K. Datta, DDG (Crop Sciences), Dr. N.K. Krishnakumar, DDG (Horticulture) and Dr. H.S. Gupta, Director, IARI, New Delhi co-chaired the interaction meeting of crop and horticulture institutes. The interaction with other divisions namely Animal Sciences, Fisheries, Extension and Education were held at NCAP, New Delhi and it was co-chaired by Dr. B. Meenakumari, DDG (Fisheries) and Dr S.L. Goswami, Director, NAARM.

Dr. B. Gangwar, Project Director, PDFSR presented the proposal for linking the PDFSR with other institutes by highlighting the strength of PDFSR in farming system research. He also emphasized the major objectives of the linkage is to strengthen farming system research as a mode of technology delivery, develop working partnership with other institutes, and share the expertise and capacity building. He also presented the functional model of the linkage.

(Source: NRM Division, ICAR)