Symposium on Climate Change Organized at CAZRI

2nd December 2012, Jodhpur

Two-day symposium on Managing Stress in Drylands under Climate Change Scenarios jointly organized at Jodhpur by Central Arid Zone Research Institute and Arid Zone Research Association of India was concluded on December 2, 2012.

wo-day symposium on Managing Stress in Drylands under Climate Change Scenarios

Chief guest Justice Shri N.N. Mathur, Vice Chancellor, National Law University, Jodhpur while inaugurating the symposium appreciated the role of CAZRI for developing technologies which has helped in improving the eco-systems of the region and enhanced the productivity of crops and livestock. He emphasised for the need to develop cost effective and eco-friendly technologies for the improvement of rural livelihood and environment under the climate change scenario.

Dr. Peter Craufurd, Research Director, ICRISAT, Hyderabad informed that ICRISAT has also planned to work on a project with CZARI for the rural livelihood improvement in arid region.

Dr. M.M. Roy Director, CAZRI stressed the need to alter the agro-techniques in line with changing climatic conditions and promote low carbon options. Dr.B.Venkateswarlu, Director, CRIDA, Hyderabad elaborated on the NICRA programme for developing ‘Climate smart villages’ in 100 districts. Dr H.P. Singh, Chief Guest of the valedictory session stressed the need for the scientists and all other stakeholders to work together to address the challenge of climate change.

About 200 scientists from different parts of the country and international institutions like ICRISAT and ICARDA, Syria participated and presented research papers. It was informed that the temperature level and moisture deficit is likely to increase significantly in western Rajasthan during coming decades. Hence, it was suggested that the programmes on rainwater harvesting, drought tolerant varieties, alternate land use systems, and livestock with strong support for fodder and rangeland development need to be strengthened.

(Source: CAZRI, Jodhpur)