Convergence between KVK and ATMA in Bihar Strengthened

September 19, 2012

Convergence between KVK and ATMA in Bihar Strengthened Dr. K.D.Kokate, Deputy Director General (Agril. Extension) addressed various issues of agricultural development of Bihar during his visit to Jehanabad and Gaya District of Bihar. Dr.A.K.Singh Zonal Project Director, Zone-II, and Dr.R.K.Sohane, Director Extension Education, Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour accompanied him during the visit.

Convergence between KVK and ATMA in Bihar Strengthened Taking part in a meeting of farmers field school (FFS), SMS of district Agriculture Department, ATMA and KVK Staff at Jehanabad, Dr Kokate  interacted with all the stakeholders to assess the status of convergence and collaboration, particularly between KVK and ATMA towards the agricultural development of the district. He was highly appreciative of the convergence between ATMA and KVK and emphasised on its replication to all other  districts of Bihar.  Dr Kokate also discussed the mode of implementation of different activities in the NICRA adopted village. Dr. A.K. Singh mentioned that the outcome from implementing NICRA project was much more than the expenditure incurred in the project. Citing the example of custom hiring, staggered nursery raising, water harvesting structure, introduction and  cultivation of short duration varieties with harvested water in the recent drought and others. He presented in brief the benefits of NICRA in the district. Dr. R.K.Sohane, shared   the success of kisan chaupal organised by KVKs of BAU, Sabour regularly on Saturdays and stated that it has helped a lot in empowering the farmers to take up agricultural practices in a desired manner.

Convergence between KVK and ATMA in Bihar Strengthened Dr.K.D.Kokate also addressed the Chief Volunteers and Deputy Volunteers of 26 Farmers’ Club at Gaya District on 20th Sept, 2012 during a training programme organised for the volunteers. NABARD, Gaya helped in constituting the farmers’ club which have been linked to KVK, Gaya for technological support along with the role of facilitator in popularising  scientific agriculture through the clubs.

Convergence between KVK and ATMA in Bihar Strengthened Successful enterprises of honeybee processing unit  of Sri Shashi Kumar, N.G. Ranga awardee at village Suvhari,  dairy and vermicompost unit of Sri Santosh Kumar, recipient of Jagjivan Ram National Puraskar of village Sekhwara were also visited by Dr.Kokate followed by interaction with SHG of farm women successfully adopted and cultivated paddy through SRI technique.

(Source: ZPD, Zone II, Kolkata)