KVK Knowledge Exchange Meet Organized

Bhubaneswar, 27 September, 2012

KVK Knowledge Exchange Meet Organized Dr. V. Venkatasubramanian, Assistant Director General (Agril. Extn.) ICAR inaugurated  the  KVK  Knowledge  Exchange Meet 2012 of  ZPD, Zone VII  KVKs  at  DRWA, Bhubaneswar. During  inaugural  address , Dr. V. Venkatasubramanian  emphasized  on  the  issue  of  knowledge  management  in  agriculture  through  more  interaction,  communication, discussion, deliberation,  acquisition  as  well  as  maintaining  the  knowledge  resources  at  the  KVK  level. He  appreciated  the  initiative  taken  by  ZPD, Zone VII, Jabalpur   through  which  KVK  subject  matter  specialists  got  the  opportunity  to  interact  with  ZPDs, DRWA  scientists and the  fellow  scientists  in  their  area  of  expertise.

Dr. Anupam  Mishra, ZPD, Zone-VII  during  his  address  emphasized  the  need   of   the  such  knowledge  exchange  for  enhancing  the  competency  and  efficiency  of  the  KVK  scientists. He  pointed out  that  ZPD, Zone  VII  has  completed  six  capacity  building programme  of  KVK  scientists with  commodity based ICAR Institutes and SAUs - DWSR, Jabalpur, DSR, Indore, MPPCVV, Jabalpur, CIFA, Bhubaneswar, CRRI, Cuttack, CIAE, Bhopal, etc.

KVK Knowledge Exchange Meet Organized Dr. Krishna  Srinath, Director,   DRWA, Bhubaneswar  appreciated  the  initiative  of  such  event  of  Knowledge  Exchange  among  the  scientist  of  DRWA with the practical experiences of the KVK  scientists.

On  the  occasion, Dr. Prabhukumar, ZPD, Zone  VIII presented  the  KVK  initiatives  on  the  marketing  of  the  farmers  produce  through  branding  as well as proper  market  linkages.

KVK Knowledge Exchange Meet Organized An  exhibition  was laid out comprising  the  promising  technology, success  story  and  products  made  by  the  39  KVKs  at  DRWA, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. During three day programme, participants presented the XI Plan period progress apropos their Horticulture and Home Science and also the action plan for 2012-13 was discussed with the experts.

A total of 46 KVK participants participated in the programme.

(Source: ZPD, Zone-VII, Jabalpur)