Meeting of Agricultural Experts Working Group on Agro Products and Food Security of BRICS Countries begins

New Delhi, 27 August, 2012

Dr S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE & Director General, ICAR inaugurated 2nd Meeting of Agricultural Experts Working group on Agro Products and Food Security of BRICS Countries here today.

Dr. Ayyappan in his welcome speech traced the events leading to this second meeting. The two day meeting was jointly convened by the Department Agricultural Research and Education, Government of India and Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

The BRICS countries label refers to a select group of five large, developing countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). The five BRICS countries are distinguished from a host of other promising emerging markets by their demographic and economic potential to rank among the world’s largest and most influential economies in the 21st century. The objectives of BRICS countries meeting at New Delhi include building of a systematic, timely, effective, and authoritative agricultural information exchange system which is expected to be an integral part of agricultural cooperation mechanisms of BRICS countries through implementation of Action Plan 2012-16.

One of the four agreements reached by BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development in Moscow on 26 March 2010 was to create an agricultural information base system of the BRICS countries. At the Second Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Agriculture and Agrarian Development on 30 October 2011 in Chengdu I China, Action Plan 2012-16 for Agricultural Cooperation of BRICS Countries was approved, designating China to coordinate the creation of a basic agricultural information exchange system of BRICS countries. The system intends to provide reference for decision-making by agricultural authorities of BRICS countries through information collection, processing, exchange, analysis and evaluation to drive sustainable agricultural growth of BRICS Countries.

Proceeding of the Second  BRICS Agriculture Expert Working Group Meeting held on 27-28 August, 2012 at New Delhi, INDIA

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