Shri Basudeo Acharya, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture appreciated KVKs work in Madhya Pradesh

29th February, 2012

Members of the committee interacting with the farmers<br />
 Eleven members of the Parliament under the Chairmanship of Shri Basudeo Acharya visited KVK, Raisen to interact with progressive farmers and officials of Madhya Pradesh state. Chairman suggested that three major components viz., production, value addition and income generation could be better streamlined for speedy progress of the farmers. Chairman expressed his happiness over the works done by the KVKs of M.P. for the farming community. 

Hon’ble Chairman interacting at KVK, Raisen  During interaction with the officials, Dr. K.D. Kokate, Deputy Director General (Agriculture Extension), ICAR briefed the significant achievements of KVKs in M.P. and submitted that the post of Subject Matter Specialists should be ‘Scientists’ for reducing the anomaly in the designation and  further opined that two more scientists, one each of Agro-meteorology and Agri-business Management could be added to KVK for making the strategic changes in the farmers conditions according to the climate as well as marketing change.

An impressive exhibition was laid out by 23 KVKs working in M.P. under Zonal Project Directorate, Zone-VII, Jabalpur. These KVKs are working under Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur and Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Gwalior. On this occasion, some of the progressive farmers briefed their innovation and field application for example, Sh. Roshanlal Vishwakarma, farmer, Narsingpur shown Sugarcane bud chipper which was appreciated by the Shri Bharat Singh Prabhat Singh Parmar, Member of Parliament, Gujarat and invited Sh. Vishwakarma for farmer’s training in Gujarat. Like wise, Sh. Yogendra Kaushik, farmer of Ujjain has briefed about soil health improvement due to soil test based interventions. Sh. Hukumdeo Singh Yadav, Member of Parliament has suggested that we should give more emphasis on locally available agricultural produce for its wide population among the elite people for getting premium price of the farmers produce. Farmers raised the issue of agricultural insurance scheme and its coverage and benefits towards the small and marginal farmers.

Shri Basudeo Acharya, Chairman expressing his viewsThe committee had asked the farmers to express the problems in the farming. During discussion,  Dr. Kokate suggested that there is need for further strengthening of the KVKs as well as Directorate of Extension during coming 12th five year plan so that capacity building of the farmers and extension personnel could be made up to the desired level. Dr. U.S. Gautam, Zonal Project  Director conducted the programme.




( Source: Zonal Project Directorate, Zone VII, Jabalpur)