Zonal Workshop of KVKs, Zone-VII Inaugurated

Bastar, 4th May, 2012

Inauguration of Zonal Workshop on 4 May, 201219th Zonal Workshop for Krishi Vigyan Kendras(KVKs) was inaugurated by Shri Baiduram Kashyap, MLA, Chitrakot and Co-chairman, Bastar Vikas Pradhikaran, Chhattisgarh Government. During his inaugural address, Shri Kashyap emphasized upon the livelihood models for marginal and landless tribals so that they could continue in the farming for long period. He urged all the KVKs for making pro-farmers efforts for their betterment. Dr.S.K. Patil, Vice-Chancellor, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalya, Raipur said KVKs have to identify the mechanism to disseminate technical information more faster by making paradigm shift form “input-based agriculture” to “Knowledge-based agriculture” so that clear differentiations could be made for the work of KVKs and the departments.

Inauguration of farmers house of Sh. Jagnnath Ray, Village MalgaonShri Lachhuram Kashyapji, Chairman, Zila Panchayat said that agriculture and forest produce are the major source of livelihood of the tribal people. He urged scientists of KVKs to work on the organic manure availability and its use by the farmers rather than dependency on the chemical fertilizer. Dr. Anupam Mishra, Zonal Project Director, Zone-VII mentioned various awards and recognitions to the KVKs of the Zone VII for their outstanding field works and efforts. Prof. Manhar Adil, Member of Board of Management appreciated KVKs work and performance.

Planeary session of Zonal WorkshopDr. K.D. Kokate, Deputy Director  General (Agricultural  Extension), ICAR, Chief  Guest  of  Plenary  Session, addressed  the  scientists of KVKs and appreciated  the  kind  of  field  works  done  by  the  KVKs  even  being  located  in  the  remote  location. During the  field  visit, he  inaugurated  two  farmers’ house  which  were constructed by  the  additional  income  generated   by  the  profitable  farming. He  appealed  all  KVK  scientists  to  focus  on  increasing  the  outreach to  the   villages  for  covering  more  villages  as  operational  area  through  using  ICT  tools, better  communication  strategy   and  functional  convergence. He   applauded  the  custom  hiring  model  established  under  NICRA  villages  in  Zone  VII, Jabalpur.

More than 150 KVK scientists, scientists from 15 ICAR institutes,  officials of the State Government and media participated in the workshop.

 (Source: NAIP Sub-Project on Mass Media Mobilization with inputs from ZPD, Zone-VII)