India's first Ovum pick up – IVF cattle calf 'Holi' born at NDRI

Scientists of National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal has  produced a cattle calf using Ovum-Pick-Up and IVF technology. In OPU technology, oocytes were collected from the ovaries of a live Sahiwal cow using ultrasound-guided needle. The oocytes were matured, fertilized and kept in incubator for 7 days until development to a transferrable stage of embryo called ‘blastocyst’. The transfer of a blastocyst stage embryo to a surrogate mother led to the birth of a female calf with a normal birth weight of 23 kg, on Wednesday, 7th March, 2012.  The female calf is named ‘Holi’

    OPU-IVF, Calf ‘Holi’ with surrogate motherIndia’s first Ovum pick up – IVF cattle calf ‘Holi’

Congratulating the team of Scientists which include Dr. M.S. Chauhan, Dr. R.S. Manik, Dr. S. K. Singla, Dr. P. Palta, Dr. M.K. Singh and Dr. Shiv Prasad. Dr. A.K. Srivastava, Director NDRI, said that India has a large population of infertile, aged/tired and problematic, yet valuable dairy cattle. This technology could be very useful for obtaining calves from such animals. It could also be applied to those animals which do not respond to the conventional embryo transfer program. He further elaborated that ‘Holi’ is first Cattle Calf produced by  OPU-IVF  technology in India.

(Source: National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal)