Visit of Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR to NRC on Pig, Rani, Guwahati on 05.02.2011

Visit of Secretary, DARE and DG, ICAR to NRC on Pig, Rani, Guwahati on 05.02.2011 Dr. S. Ayyappan, Secretary DARE, Government of India & Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research visited the National Research Centre on Pig Rani, situated at 12 km away from Guwahati Airport along with Dr. K. M. L. Pathak, DDG (Animal Science), Dr. B. Meenakumari, DDG (Fisheries) and Dr. S.C. Gupta, ADG (AP&B), ICAR.
The R&D slaughter house and pork processing plant of the NRC was inaugurated by Dr. Ayyappan. The state-of the-art slaughter house is fully equipped with all the modern equipments, replaces the manual slaughter. It also has facilities for hygienic processing of pork and production of value added products.  DG commented that pork processing centre established at NRC on Pig is a landmark development and should be put to optimal use for large scale pork processing. 

The DG also visited the Pig Farm Complex where nearly 600 pigs of different indigenous Ghungroo, Niang-megha and exotic Hampshire, Duroc breeds and their crosses are maintained hygienically, following good management practices (GMP). Dr. Ayyappan appreciated the initiatives taken for the proper upkeep of animals by excellent management of the farm. He suggested that sheds made of locally available material for optimal management and health of animals should be demonstrated to the farmers.

In the afternoon DG visited Gargara village, adopted by the NRC as a model Pig village. He also visited the backyard pig units developed by the farmers under the guidance of NRC scientists and appreciated the efforts of popularizing AI amongst the farmers. He then interacted with the local pig farmers and obtained feedback from them. Two Piglet units were distributed by Hon’ble DG, ICAR to the farm families at this occasion. In his address Dr. Ayyappan mentioned that pig is highly revered animal in the entire North East which serves as insurance for the poor tribal and non-tribal people and is a cheaper source of animal protein.  He highlighted different activities undertaken by NRC on Pig for boosting up the scientific production of pigs among the farmers and also showed concern for making available hygienic pork production facilities to the farmers. Farmers of the villages also highly appreciated the efforts made by the National Research Center on Pig and requested more such type of initiatives from the centre. They expressed their gratitude to DG, ICAR and other ICAR dignitaries for providing all the facilities to them and taking keen interest in their welfare and felicitated them in their own traditional ways.

After the field visit, Dr. Ayyappan interacted with scientists of the National Research Centre on Pig and Subject Matter Specialists of the KVK, Goalpara, CPCRI and other ICAR institutes situated near Guwahati. DG motivated the scientists of ICAR institutes in NEH region and advised them to work in collaborative mode to mitigate the gap between demand and supply of pork and other agricultural produce in the area. DG called up all scientists of the NRC to draw strong agenda for pig research particularly genetic characterization of breeds/strains available in India and high level multiplication of germplasm at farmer’s door. DG further mentioned that NRC on Pig should also work to develop an integrated farming system involving pig and fish. Feeding strategies should be developed for pig farming (based on feeding behaviour of pig) and stressed on commercialization of technologies developed by the Institute. At this occasion, Dr K M L Pathak, DDG (AS) and Dr S C Gupta (ADG, AP&B) also gave their remarks for improvement in pig production and boosting of pork production in the country through activities of the NRC and its AICRP units.

(Source: NRC Pig, Guwahati)