ICAR technologies pull heavy crowd at CII AGRO-TECH 2010

Chandigarh, December 5

Technologies like rotary maize sheller and banana comb cutter attracted heavy rush of visitors to the stall of Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology during the ongoing  CII AGRO-TECH 2010 at Chandigarh. The exhibition, where both Indian and foreign manufacturers from both private and public sectors have turned up.

ICAR technologies pull heavy crowd at CII AGRO-TECH 2010

Other National Institutes of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) including Central Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute, Dehradun and Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Bhopal are also displaying their advanced technologies.

Farmers/entrepreneurs were especially interested to know about post harvest technologies as they think that it could be only way to help increase their income substantially. More and more farmers were inquiring about rotary maize sheller, banana comb cutter, evaporative cooled room, basket centrifuge and value added ready to eat vegetable blended meat products. 

H.K Lakhra, who is growing banana in Assam, said that Banana Comb Cutter would help him a lot. “I would like to purchase a good number of banana comb cutters as it save time and also assure safety of our labourers,” he added. While A.K Sharma, food technologist from Himachal Pradesh showed interest in basket centrifuge, Jagdish Singh, a farmer from Patiala, was interested in Evaporative Cooled room developed for on-farm storage.

CIPHET on the occasion also displayed mechanically operated Pomegranate Aril Extractor (PME) and hand held PME. While hand held PME is useful for separating pomegranate at small scale, mechanically PME is useful for extracting arils at commercial scale. Any size and variety of pomegranate could be processed with extraction capacity of 90 to 94 percent. Mechanical damage to arils is reported as less as 3 to 4 percent during processing.

 (Source: NAIP Sub-Project of Mass Media Mobilization, DIPA with inputs from CIPHET, Ludhiana)